The Rise of SpookyShiba will be a unique gaming platform which links Gaming with Cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Gone will be the days of buying products within a game that have no cash value. SpookyShiba will be the first gaming platform where the products you buy within the game will have future monetary value after they have been purchased. Imagine owning a one-of-a-kind NFT which will also be a one-of-a-kind character in the game with unique skins and abilities.

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Nft Marketplace

NFT Ecosystem

Our unique NFT ecosystem will include both Game NFTs and Royalty NFTs.

Royalty NFTs

will pay the holders from all the transactions that happen on our marketplace, of the 222 total NFTs, only three tiers of royalty NFTs will exist: Legendary, Rare, and Common.

Game NFTs

are only used to represent cosmetic items/skins inside the game. Some items will have tens of thousands of skins available to mint while others may be more rare with only hundreds or less. This ecosystem will be decided on a supply and demand basis in the marketplace, SpookyMints.

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JUN 17, 2022


How Did Spooky Shiba Come To Be?

These are a few of the cool features that make up Spooky Shiba, the horror coin that’s here to stay. With all these spooky surprises waiting for you around every corner, it might just give you a heart rate spike that will be worthwhile! The Spooky Shiba token has proven to be more than just a seasonal phenomenon. In fact, it gained it’s grip in the BSC realm after its release in October of 2021. Some thought its value would plummet after October 31st, when Halloween came to an end, but quite the opposite happened. They don’t say “Spooky Season Never Ends” for nothing! Make no mistake, people are taking notice of Spooky Shiba, including many crypto influencers.

Spooky Shiba’s Release

The first week of this project’s release was spent releasing a digital billboard ad in Times Square, NYC. The attention that it brought helped to make the token top ten on CoinMarketCap within less than one month after it was released Now there are Spooky Shiba ads popping up all over popular websites related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology–and the real spooky part is just getting started!

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Spooky Shiba cemented itself as a leader in the crypto world by partnering up with professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter Patrick Lehane. He was seen sporting the Spooky Shiba logo at events and is a Spooky holder as well.

What Sets Spooky Apart?

Not many companies can claim to be doing more than marketing and capitalizing on a genre, but Spooky Shiba has found a way. We are providing utility behind our name through an upcoming dApp NFT scratch card game that was just released, which connects with our NFT marketplace.

The dApp is a P2E (Play to Earn) technology that allows holders of at least $100 to play once every 24 hours with a chance to win an NFT from Spooky Shiba’s NFT marketplace. Some people are always looking for an opportunity to win the big prize