“Voice of SpookyShiba Angel Investors”

Dear SpookyShibanian.

First, A warm welcome to SpookyShiba’s holders/believers and congrats on our upcoming 1st SpookyShiba birthday celebrations on the 28th. of October.

What an awesome year.

SpookyShiba was founded with a stealth launch on the 28th of October 2021 as a meme token with an upcoming utility through “Lowgun Paul aka Wrenn Taylor”. From the investor’s side, We thank you and we salute you for it. He is smart, intelligent, and a very fast mover. As angel investors, we fell in love with SpookyShiba and the developer within a few days of launching. We started last year with SpookyShiba as a meme token that had a mini utility planned (an upcoming scratch card & NFT platform) which doesn’t work alone to build on the project. After 5 months (March) a small SpookyShiba whale team met in Dubai for our first meeting. Our second meeting in Dubai was in early April. There we decided together to find a SpookyShiba core team from the angel investor’s side and to work on a strategy to bring an absolute long-term vision for SpookyShiba with full infrastructure.

What have we done so far?


Research of the web3, gaming & metaverse idea and conceptualization Product search finalization Infrastructure planning Workflow design Design an operating model


Founded “SpookyShiba Holding S.A.” Website development Utility and game prototype building Social media creation Smart-contract creation & test net testing Planning of marketing strategy

SpookyShiba Holding S.A. company was founded and registered at the beginning of June. Our first development contract for the upcoming game was finalized at the end of May. In mid-July, we started to prepare development agreements for the new website and merchandise website.
(Both are to be completed in November)

Also, a blue tick for our social media platforms and patent registrations are in progress.


At this stage, we are preparing long-term agreements with developers, companies, and many long-term future partnerships with different pieces of the puzzle for our infrastructure.

We are now approximately 4 months into active production from the angel investor’s side.

What exactly does this mean?

SpookyShiba’s angel investors (as investors and holders) are paying to build an infrastructure for SpookyShiba and for all of us. SpookyShiba company is already highly funded through angel investors to guarantee the building of utility and infrastructure for SpookyShiba’s universe.

We build for SpookyShiba’s community and holders to reach the awesome goal, of never losing through the SpookyShiba project by selling too early.

If anybody is looking for fast profits then maybe SpookyShiba isn’t the right token quite yet. But nobody knows, including ourselves, when we will begin to explode on the chart. Sometimes there isn’t any reason why it happens. It can be only 1 word from 1 person and everything could change.

Until this happens, SpookyShiba’s angel investors have never left or given up on SpookyShiba’s community and we don’t ever plan on doing so. We build over the coming months and years a utility
to save our own bag in the long term long-term as well as every single investor’s bag.

Everybody should feel free to be a part of SpookyShiba. We, from the angel investor’s side, believe completely in our SpookyShiba team.

What are we doing in the next month’s/years?

Build on utility. Build on infrastructure. Build on community. Build on long-term investors. Build on long-term agreements. Build on the new website. Build on a new merch website. Build on social media blue ticks. Build on upcoming game-relevant NFT marketplace and platform. Build on long-term partnerships. Build on credit card system agreements & integration. Build on our own SpookyShiba decentralized SpookyShiba wallet with a fiat application.
Build on scratch card platform and NFT marketplace. Build on staking platform. Build on the streaming platform. Build on an E-Sports gaming platform.
Build on our own metaverse. Build on p2e/defi integration. Build on web 3 integration.
Build on our own blockchain long-term. Build on the legal side & trademark.
Build on licenses. Build on long-term payment provider agreements. Build on payment partnerships. Build on merch products. Build on the investor’s side. Build on full integration for upcoming utility token “ico”, to attract triple “A” investors long-term for SpookyShiba, for web 3
integration in the future with all necessary licenses. Build on Binance lab and/or kucoin collaboration. Build on tier 1 exchange listings earliest 2023. Build on financial backup.
Build on game infrastructure. At least in short words, we are preparing everything for the next
bull run.

Are you interested in SpookyShiba? How can you help?

One of SpookyShiba’s biggest opportunities is SpookyShiba’s army. One year after starting the SpookyShiba army is constantly growing we have now more than 900 army members, who help to grow our community with daily tasks on social media shilling and bringing the brand SpookyShiba to the world.

Do you want to earn some money? Join the SpookyShiba army and help to shill on their daily/weekly giveaways and competitions. Every Shiller gets paid. Only follow SpookyShiba’s official telegram group as follows.

If you couldn’t help with SpookyShiba’s army, it doesn’t matter, only follow the next step.

Relax, and if you believe in SpookyShiba, stock up (no financial advice) and/or speak with family and friends about this awesome opportunity and be patient as long Spooky Shiba core team is

What will happen in throughout

Scale the army and number of shills through social media Start Twitter & Facebook ads
Work on social media blue ticks Scale social media community Launch new website
Launch a new merchandise website Launch first payment provider partnership with fiat gateway & crypto easy exchange & debit card availability for SpookyShiba’s community Hiring a supervisor under agreement for upcoming tasks Working and starting on monthly social media AMAs with the game development team

Continue to constantly work on all tasks mentioned above. Our mission is to revolutionize the traditional world of gaming. SpookyShiba integrates gaming with the metaverse (long-term vision) and blockchain, providing a completely decentralized experience at the end, which gives users and creators direct ownership of their in-game items in an ecosystem & infrastructure
that is completely transparent and tamper-proof – SpookyShiba delivers the future a secure and limitless immersive experience.

For this, SpookyShiba will have in the future a minimum of once monthly statements through SpookyShiba’s

“Voice of SpookyShiba’s angel investors”

Thanks & Cheers

SpookyShiba’s Angel Investors

PS: To be safe within SpookyShiba’s community please only follow official social media groups and official data as follows.


SpookyShiba BSC (BEP20)
Contract: 0x9c2b1b3780a8b36b695f0b2781668664ac1bf25aPancakeswap

Golden security rules.

Never save your private keys online. Never share anywhere or with anyone your private keys.
Always use 2FA wherever possible. Never take screenshots on mobile or device of your private keys. Secure your email address also with 2FA. Never use the same passwords for projects and emails. Never click any link. Always “DYOR FIRST”

“SpookyShiba season never ends”(October 2022)