NFTs & NFT Marketplace

Description and introduction of the NFTs

The main goal of our NFTs is the important use case that comes with them. Our NFTs will always be connected to a special use case that will be connected to our main game.

We want to break the usual attributes of an NFT by offering our community and gamers a unique experience in an interactive world where the NFT ‘comes to life!’.

Description of our unique NFTs

Character based game NFTs in different varieties which will adapt to the likings of the community, fans and gamers.
Weapons with different skins, colours, shapes and abilities for the gamers.
Diversity of skins, suits, armours with different abilities that are interchangeable with the characters.
Another highlight of our NFTs inside the game will be the availability of the different editions, which also represent different values.

The NFTs will be classified into the following categories:

  • Legendary NFT
  • Epic NFT
  • Common NFT

This will be decided by many factors including supply and demand of the item and this will all take place in our own NFT Marketplace which we will now explained below.

NFT Marketplace

Marketplace Description

The most powerful tools on the marketplace for our customers, gamers and fanbase are as follows:

  • The ability to mint new game related NFTs.
  • The ability to buy and sell already minted NFTs like skins, characters, weapons, items and more.

Features of Marketplace

  • Low fees to trade, buy or sell the NFTs.
  • Implementation for buying, minting and selling of our native token SpookyShiba (SPKY) to increase utility.
  • Payment possibilities:

    • BNB (Bep-20).
    • SpookyShiba/SPKY (Bep-20).
    • BUSD (Bep-20).

Future Plans of implementation

  • Possibility to communicate with NFT holders and vendors through the platform.
  • Create or add your own NFTs to sell or buy.
  • Integration of affiliate system to amplify your earning with a percentage of the fees accumulated through the selling or buying on the platform.